How much is the price of small glass edge grinding machine?

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-28
Small glass edge grinding of edge grinding machine, glass products now is no longer a square shape, have different shapes, different decoration style, so the glass shape become suppliers need to solve the problem. You can change the shape of glass through the glass edge grinding machine, although the process is complicated, but the effect of using more significantly, it's worth a try. Glass edge grinding machine, of course, is not the main purpose of modelling, main is to make the edge smooth, destroyed the edges, it is more convenient to use. Small glass edge grinding machine of high safety, for the safety of the relevant problem this is not something that we can know, this is also has a great significance, as the use of small glass edge grinding machine, relative to sales is still in the market is very considerable. High security: because of the main composition is methane, gas of methane content in more than 94% ( Less than 90% of the gas we called moisture) , the burning of combustible gas also depends on the concentration of the ignition temperature of methane, scope, the ignition temperature of 700 ℃, fire concentration range 5 - Is 15%, so, want to natural gas combustion, must meet the requirements of high temperature and concentration. How much is the price of small glass edge grinding machine? Small glass edge grinding machine, the price of the four heads of approximately more than thirty thousand points, what to see which factory configuration, the price of basic freight package installation, after-sales. Also look at where, jiangsu, anhui these basic normal price can even be a little cheaper, xinjiang, Tibet basic to these places, plus the cost of $three thousand. All is not expensive, generally around 40000 5 package installation, the freight.
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