How many new products are launched under branded glass lifting machine ?

New product launch is one of the most important factors that keep a company competitive in the market. Over the years, our R&D professionals have been studying intensively the industry dynamics, developing new product characteristics, and working out different series of up-to-date products like glass lifting machine . Thanks to their hard work, we are successful in developing new products and earn a leading position in the market. Moreover, we have attracted many new customers from different industries and obtained a larger customer base, thereby spreading our brand awareness. Now we have glass lifting machine:P200, PB200,PB300, PBA300, PBA400, FB300, FB400, ND400, Outdoor glass lifting machine: VT400, VT600 and VT800. Glass lifting robot: GL300 and GL500. Pneumatic glass lifting crane: PT400 and PT500. We also have HR200 bus glass lifting machine and some lifting tools.

We prioritize customers as our major concern. We will deeply understand our target audience and analyze customer and sales metrics, so as to discover ways to create better products or marketing approaches.

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