How about production process for glass edging machine ?

Just talk about my factory, Eworld Machine, the production process of glass edging machine. First, We design the structure of one glass edging machine then we have the drawings. Now because the glass edging machine is so common so the drawings many factories have it. When buy the raw materials, such as shelf materials(Stainless steel and steel), motor(As per customers need),pvc profiles, conveyor wheels, grinding and polishing machine etc. We buy, install all parts, paint and test it then we have finished glass edging machine. In general, if the raw materials is enough, We can make one 9  motor straight line edging polishing machine in 10-15 working days. It is very fast because now we have very mature technology and skill to make it. Eworld Machine specialise in the glass processing machine since 2002 year. Take Eworld, Take the world.

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