Hot summer and cold winter and hot summer and warm winter area existing residential building energy-saving renovation

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-04
Glass cutting machine ', the existing residential heating north more than 400 million square meters, heat metering and energy saving building in hot summer and cold winter and hot summer and warm winter area existing residential building energy-saving renovation of 50 million square meters, the public building energy efficiency renovation of 60 million square meters. The ministry statistics show that by the end of October 2014, the northern heating areas during the 'twelfth five-year' the total area of existing residential building heat metering and energy efficiency reformation 7. 500 million square meters, 400 million square meters of comprehensive overfulfilled explicitly by the State Council reform tasks. Reconstruction task plan issued 1 in 2014. 7. 5 billion square meters, has complete 99%. In the upcoming 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in', energy saving renovation of existing buildings will be better, because the construction of new buildings are no longer used fast, and the national energy conservation transformation of existing buildings relevant policies will also further incentives. Second, strengthen the doors and Windows insulation energy-saving transformation, it is imperative to since new environmental laws formally launched last year, the industrial enterprises increased their environmental protection and renovation of kiln equipment, crippling many companies have closed down. But in addition to industrial energy saving transformation, more and more urban construction has become one of the important link of the energy conservation and environmental protection reformation. When Mr Wade, with the rapid development of science and technology, building energy conservation has become possible, and along with the implementation of the household heat metering in China, building energy consumption is bound to be borne by the user in the process of use, energy saving, the savings that will become the majority of residents consciously requirements, building energy conservation has become the focus of common concern. The 'twelfth five-year' energy saving building special planning, glass cutting machine, new buildings in cities and towns to achieve building energy efficiency by 95%. Along with the temperature falling, the northern city of heating boiler continuously provide residents with a warm day and night, while before that many cities have large boiler renovation work, but the high strength work is still a lot of influence on the urban environment. Generally speaking, in the cold region, in addition to heating, building must also fully meet the requirements of the winter heat preservation, generally do not consider the summer heat. In cold region building heat must include heating equipment heating, solar radiation heat and building internal heat gain ( Including cooking, lighting, electrical appliances and the human body heat) 。 This heat through the palisade structure of heat transfer and air gap through doors and Windows in outward infiltration heat loss to be lost. The total heat loss of buildings including palisade structure heat transmission loss and the air permeability of aperture heat loss through doors and Windows, among them, the palisade structure of the hot transmission loss about Mr Wade was 70% ~ 80%, door and window gap of air infiltration heat loss accounts for about 20% ~ 30%,
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