Hot and cold processing way of glass cutting machine

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-19
After glass cutting machine for cutting the material after combustion of liquid viscous solutions usually form dissolved, cooling molding, is one of the most common model, using different materials, such as wood, clay, metal, prefabricated type is required, the method of molten glass model, the model is cool open before, is generally not used in blown glass instruments, most of the factories are using this method, can be mass production. 1 cold process. Paint coating, coating on the glass surface at room temperature, some fixed heating, some do not heat. This process can also be coupled to the coating of gold and silver into gold called molten metal paint. 2. Glaze is a kind of technology, the requirements on the glass surface to add a bright color temperature, in order to draw a picture of a glaze pattern, and then paint pigment that is put in the heating furnace fixed to avoid loss. 3. Mosaic of lead frame glass cutting board combined with thousands of pieces of technology, need to draw a little plan, according to the graphic drawing sketches, such as the size of each color to determine the shape and size, the correct cutting glass, wire welding into a mirror. 4. Print is not hot not cold, with sand and sand blasting technique, carved on the glass, on board or mixing mill into tissues or water paper printed color graphics. 1 thermal process. Hot glass melting slurry injection pressure of extrusion has been shaped a good model, mold become mottled pattern, at the same time also suppressed well. 2. Moderate indentation depth of sand mold casting green sand mold jiyong acetylene glass paste into the sand mold, then put the glass cool slowly again after grinding. 3. Embryonic heart window, used in the production of pericardium and mud horse dung outside the earliest technology of hybrid embryos, and then picked up a metal rod into hot glass paste container body, found around the design outline of glass and other cold treatment xu dig fetal heart is complete. 4. Thermoplastic torch lamp lit the torch heat gun or small help the torch lit the torch, also known as thermoplastic, only use in color or color borosilicate glass stretching, twisting, bending and other technology, and constantly combination of shape into small properties, such as glass cutter, animals and plants. Due to the use of glass cutting machine is divided into different areas: solid, hollow and stretch thermoplastics, moreover, can be used to draw more interesting work.
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