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Horizontal Glass washing and drying machine

Horizontal Glass washing and drying machine

Horizontal Glass washing and drying machine
  • Horizontal Glass washing and drying machine
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Horizontal Glass washing and drying machine

Minimum order quantity
1 set
Production description
Horizontal Glass washing and drying machine
USD 4500-6000
Packing terms
Seaworthy package
Terms of payment
Delivery time
20 days
18 month
Supply ability
5 sets/month
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1). This Horizontal Glass Washing Machine is designed for cleaning flat glass with thickness 3-12mm. The machine adopts horizontal structure, and consists of in-feed, washing, drying and out-feed section and air blower case and electric control box,which is easy to operate with good cleaning effect, reliable performance.

2).Adopts 3 pair brushes,2 pair sponge roller, and one pair air knife hot wind drying system. The multi-functional combination of independent blower, cycling water and hot air makes the operation more convenient.

3)All the cleaning parts and installation (including heating flange, temperature sensors, pipe, tank, etc.) are made of high-quality stainless steel material. It can be anti-corrosion, the water cycle doesn’t plug, not rust.

  1. 4)Sucking water rollers are made of the quality polymer material, It has a strong capacity to suck water, longer life.

5)The rubber roller is made up of special rubber ,formed by the grinding, good wear resistance, anti-aging, high accuracy.
6)Water tanks with steel plate can freely push and pull to prevent the dust submerged water source,imported drive and step-less speed regulation

Technical parameter

Dimension: 3600*2000*1000mm

Power: 380 v/220V

Fequency: 50 hz

Total power: 8 KW

Working speed: 3-5m/min

Max Glass width size:1600mm

Mini glass size: 200*300mm

Glass thickness:3-12mm

Total weight: 1300kg

Brusher: 3 pairs

Water tank: one

Sponge: 3 pairs

Hot knife: 1 pair 

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