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by:Eworld Machine     2020-07-30

Homogeneous definition homogeneous toughened glass Belong to the hot dipping of toughened glass, refers to a specific process conditions of sodium calcium silicon steel glass ( HST) 。 Processing method through homogeneous furnace ( Hot-dip furnace) Using convection heating. Make the hot air flow parallel to the surface of glass and a free flow between each piece of glass, and should not be blocked by the glass broken. In homogeneous treatment process was carried out on the curved toughened glass, measures should be taken to prevent due to the shape of the glass of irregular air circulation is not smooth. Air import and export shall not be due to the breakage of glass also impeded. Rising temperature stage began in all glass environment temperature, after terminating in a piece of glass surface temperature of 280 ℃. Furnace temperature may have more than 320 ℃, keep the glass surface temperature under 320 ℃, should try to shorten the time of the glass surface temperature over 300 ℃. Phase of heat preservation heat preservation phase begins with all the glass surface temperature of 280 ℃, holding time at least 2 hours. In the stage of the whole heat preservation shall ensure that the glass surface temperature in 290 ℃ within a range of plus or minus 10 ℃. Cooling stage when after 280 ℃ after completing 2 hours insulation glass, start cooling stage, at this stage the glass temperature down to ambient temperature. When the furnace temperature to 70 ℃, cooling stage can be thought of. Response to the cooling rate to control, to large extent reduce the glass due to thermal stress damage. The advantages of homogeneous toughened glass                                

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