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by:Eworld Machine     2020-06-06
At home, the service life of glass furnace also increased significantly in recent years, already had 3 - 4 years of kiln period increased to 6 - For eight years. The current domestic new design glass production line plan kiln of age are also in more than a decade, with the refractory quality enhancement, furnace structure, improve the building quality of reasonable operation and use are inseparable, and we can't ignore the quality of baking furnace preheating work. In the process of the development of domestic glass industry, due to the unreasonable leave safe hidden trouble of baking furnace, furnace accident or water case in advance, has drawn glass production enterprise top managers and technical personnel attaches great importance to, but because of various reasons, the domestic glass production enterprises in both new kiln and kiln roasting kiln construction of cold repair choose high temperature after the fire is not much, the reason is nothing but there are two: first, for the sake of short-term economic interests. High temperature after compared with the traditional 850 ℃ over the fire, the fire required for high energy consumption, heating time is longer, such as: capacity of 500 t/d furnace melting compared with 850 ℃ 1150 ℃ fire fire, need to use diesel 80 - 100 tons, up to 1150 ℃ 850 ℃ fire required for heavy oil is about 100 - 120 tons, the price difference calculation, 1150 ℃ fire fuel consumption spending 100000 yuan more than 850 ℃ fire, increase 3 - Baking furnace heating period of five days. Yet cost of $100000 compared with the unreasonable low temperature far left in the kiln hidden danger caused by the millions or even tens of millions of overhaul spending; 3 - 5 days compared with high temperature far extended by 1 - Kiln 2 years of age, our enterprise managers how to choose? Second, domestic can reach above 1100 ℃ over the team of baking furnace is hard to find in the fire. High temperature fire need not just superb technology, need more advanced and perfect equipment support. At present, most of the baking furnace domestic enterprises equipment level compared with developed countries there is a certain gap, one is the heating temperature control ability is limited, one is the material equipment limited ability to resist high temperature. Such as domestic burner flame tube, generally at above 900 ℃ will turn around, nature also couldn't get on the temperature. So for a long time, domestic joint ventures or wholly owned companies glass has been high invite foreign kiln roasting kiln firing.
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