Graphene conductive ink has excellent electric conductivity

by:Eworld Machine     2021-01-02
Nano printing in the printing industry, the details of the performance ability is one of the important standard of judging print quality, which provides the potential applications of nanotechnology. In fact, from the glass cutter landa company show the so-called 'nano' printing technology is the most impressive show a new digital printing technology. Landa, nano printing machine integrates digital printing flexibility is strong, and the characteristics of the traditional offset printing efficiency and economy, not only can achieve higher production efficiency, but also with the printing enterprise has some work environment for seamless. Graphene conductive ink electronic market in intelligent packaging and printing, silver paste and copper conductive ink has been dominant, but in 2011, graphene conductive ink began to form the influence, and will bring new hope to the market. Glass cutting machine graphene conductive ink has excellent electric conductivity, but also has a conductive silver pulp ink does not have other advantages, such as lower prices, more soft - Mr Wade material can fold or bend and will not affect the performance. Because of very prominent advantages, graphene conductive ink will become a new conductive ink market powerhouse. Waterless offset waterless offset printing is a kind of do not use water or wetting system of offset printing process. For a long time, printing and packaging industry are cautious to waterless printing. But in the past two years, through the printer manufacturers, paper and ink manufacturers, the cooperation between the waterless offset printing technology has made great progress. Waterless offset printing using silicone rubber coated plate, special printing ink and temperature control of the printing press. Waterless offset printing can be simpler and more efficient printing more substrates, including paper and all kinds of absorbent substrates. High-fidelity color control bright packaging color is one of the most powerful promotional tool retail goods, even if consumers may not have noticed this, but true. When consumers shopping, usually to identify the brand identity of the goods, Mr Wade then we will read carefully goods labels. This fully reflects the importance of commodity brand color.
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