Glass washing machine is in use when need to pay attention to?

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-09
We know that all mechanical equipment is pay attention to operation and maintenance, then what are the considerations glass cleaning machine? In use need to pay attention to what? Small make up special to do a presentation today. Is glass cleaning machine, the principle of the electrical energy into kinetic energy, will vibration transmitted to the solution, the operation of the converter in the power, the liquid inside will be uninterrupted and the emergence of a large number of bubbles will suddenly burst, result in higher temperature and pressure and the related parts is rinsed clean. ( 1) Pay attention to the first open air blower, the heater. First close heater, exhibit a blower. ( 2) Stop clicking to make adjust the speed regulator to 0. ( 3) Glass cleaning machine according to certain rules of feeding, control the feeding amount. ( 4) Must be in time if there's an emergency, press the stop button, to prevent unpredictable consequences. ( 5) The thickness of the glass change, want to adjust the air duct height, so as not to appear unpredictable and accident. ( 6) When glass cleaner water must control the water level - 150 mm 250 mm between, don't beyond this range.
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