Glass tube design and development of automatic cutting machine

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-02
Glass tube cutting are now using artificial lateral cut off one by one. In the process of cutting, must be continuous water for cooling, the worker's hands in water for a long time, the serious influence the health; Cutting tool is used commonly 0. 4 mm thick resin grinding wheel, the glass is very easy to break, so often appear safety accidents; At present, the company developed the automatic cutting equipment, but few have processing factory is willing to accept this kind of equipment, the reason is that the cutting efficiency is too low, this kind of equipment is also a method of cutting a, artificial cut 60 ~ 80 kg / 10 hours, and this kind of equipment for cutting 10 ~ 15 kg / 10 hours. The root glass cutting machine according to the market needs to be done after years of research of a practical fast automatic Mr Wade cutting machine. Is the function of the system will be in 10 ~ 15 mm in diameter, length of 1100 mm, the thickness of 1 ~ 1. 5 mm quartz glass tube cutting growth in about 20 mm to 50 mm. Its characteristics are: the processed glass tube diameters, can processing in 10 ~ 15 mm in diameter glass tube; By processing the finished product length variable, in theory can be cut into any length ( The longer the finished product length, cutting efficiency is lower) ; High cutting efficiency, up to 200 ~ 350 kg / 10 hours; Simple easy to operate, a charging, can use 30 minutes, fully automated processing; Energy conservation and environmental protection, cooling water recycling way used glass cutting machine, the machine power 1000 w, is lower than artificial and single processing equipment 6 fully automatic glass cutting machine by 0%.
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