Glass slice cutting machine on the various aspects of performance

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-14
Glass on the various aspects of performance 1 slice cutting machine. Flip way: mechanical turnover, running speed, The fastest loading speed for 30 seconds/a) , smooth operation, no shaking, up to 3 - 19 mm glass. Integration of the glass cutting machine is equipped with dual channel flip drive chain protection device, ensure the stability and security of the switching process. 2. Flip Angle: 95 110 degrees adjustable, can achieve a variety of angles. 3. Suction depth: adopt special tensile rod mechanism, the suction cup extension forward, displacement of up to 300 mm, membranous layer depth of up to 700 mm. Do not need any auxiliary frame, directly from the work on the hob on the upper plate. 4, induction device: there are two sets of glass photoelectric sensor ( A set of a case of) Can effectively eliminate induced failure safety accidents, make the all-in-one safe, stable and reliable operation. 5. Lifting device: connecting rod of a single special lifting device, ensure synchronous lifting, eliminate the defects of the asynchronous lifting can guarantee the stability of the glass. 6. Adsorption device: chuck adopt good adsorptive structure (double The inner and outer) , the harder the chuck chuck external damage caused by the leakage defects are cleared. 7. Sucker control: each sucker has independent switch control valves, are free to choose the number of suction cups, convenient operating all kinds of glass. 8. Power and vacuum protection: all-in-one glass cutter additional gas storage device and process control, to ensure that the power vacuum adsorption protect more than 10 minutes, prevent the power vacuum suction loss caused by damage to the glass. 9, stop vacuum protection: perfect program and piping design, guarantee the vacuum pump work continuously under the emergency state of suspension, prevent sliding and broken glass. 10, lift protection: the rise and fall of the specific protection device, which can effectively prevent damage of glass is not staggered in time. 11. Alarm device, with automatic detection and traffic light alarm device, automatic alarm and display abnormal situation. Equipped with urgent stop switch, in exceptional cases can be controlled. 12. Operation mode: all-in-one with automatic and manual two functions, easy to operate.
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