Glass slice cutting machine according to the factors which are needed to selection

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-13
On the choice of glass cutting a body machine, cutting machine should be paid attention to the accuracy, speed and maintenance, etc, and according to the following several aspects to choose their own models, the following is a detailed description: what factors should be selected according to the glass slice cutting machine? 1. Cutting accuracy should be chosen according to own actual need, this can not only see the introduction of product specifications and manufacturers, the main research focus on technology, such as: knife wheel, gear and rack grinding control level, reasonable design, control system, and then in the actual measurement, so that we can master the cutting mechanical synchronous control level and control system. 2. Cutting speed, can only be discussed on the premise of all-in-one cutting precision cutting speed. Due to the human eye is difficult to determine whether to achieve high speed, so you can use cutting machine tool servo driver software simulation function to detect whether the motor speed at high speed. 3. Selection: according to the enterprise actual cutting layout, choose a more appropriate, i. e. to cut glass is given priority to, consider the basis of the layout, don't wear shoes, because it involves the normal wear and need short-term funding. 4. Automatic layout optimization function: because of the special nature of work glass cutting machine, fewer people with higher education or horizontal arrangement, so cutting machine operation requirement is very simple, easy to understand, security and stability, simple maintenance, prevent the equipment cannot be embarrassing situation. Optimization should apply to their own actual situation, don't go for the optimization of how high rate, as long as suitable for your current use. 5. Easy maintenance: the input and output sensor and should not be equipped with mechanical sensor is too much, switch and indicator should be as little as possible, because once the mechanical equipment failure, will affect the use of glass cutting machine. The less components, design is more simple, the failure probability is lower, wiring is less, the more easy to find fault and replace the components. In addition, the state of the input and output signal should be adjusted on the screen. Maintenance cost is an important factor to consider when buying equipment.
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