Glass sandblasting machine technology advantage

by:Eworld Machine     2021-01-03
Glass sandblasting machine, sandblasting process and other cleaning process ( Such as pickling, tools, cleaning) Compared with larger advantage, glass sandblasting machine's main advantage is embodied in the following aspects: a, glass sandblasting machine, sandblasting processing is the most complete, most common, the most rapid, high efficiency. Second, sandblasting processing can choose between different roughness, and other process is unable to do this. Manual grinding can play rough but too slow, too slippery, chemical solvent cleaning surface coating adhesive. Sand blasting design should not only reflect the development level of contemporary painting, and in practical for the principle, with a minimum investment and the lowest operating cost, minimal maintenance probability, the most simple mode of operation for the design goal. 1, the advanced nature. The design of the system and equipment of form a complete set should reflect the requirements of modern production, in the money allowed under the premise of try to adopt advanced technology and design. Advanced mainly reflects in the sand dust with high efficiency, easy control, large quantity. Electrical control cabinet control system shall be subject to the centralized control, equipment control, work status display, the safety system. 2, practical. Glass sandblasting machine design should first consider using actually, practical mainly embodied in the practical, convenient and reliable, convenient less failure rate, convenient maintenance and replacement parts. 3, environmental protection. Glass sandblasting machine work will produce a large amount of dust, dust to prevent leakage in the design, especially consider the sealing equipment. Try to reduce dust emissions, to guarantee the workers work environment and the environment around the factories are not affected. 4, and security. Because the sand blasting room assignments with a certain risk, therefore, the design of sandblasting room, the internal structure of the room layout, carrying mechanism of maintenance and repair, electrical system design and arrangement, must consider from a security perspective. Design should strictly comply with the national standard. Glass sandblasting machine, cleaning process first choice!
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