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by:Eworld Machine     2020-07-30

Glass table is a very suitable glass slices, cutting, air flotation, snapping all-in-one, equipment can rotate 360 degrees, remote control to move around freely, the piece can be automatically find is, solved the problem of uneven ground equipment running wide; On a piece of safe and reliable automatic frequency conversion, built-in power, air compressor, without additional gas path; On the arm cylinder controlled by vacuum pressure regulating switch, after can be directly put the glass in the mesa, without mobile devices more safety and reliable. Flexibility: mobile devices are equipment design, simple and convenient mobile device, for equipment in the process of moving to avoid trembled, can move everywhere in the workshop, solve the problem of the traditional glass looking for equipment, but the equipment directly move to the front of the arbitrary glass frame for the lower operation. Security: equipment remote control key to start the operation of equipment can easily, effectively avoid the possible injuries and property losses caused by the device itself also has complete electrical protection device design, make the equipment use become very simple and safe, equipment testing equipment, equipped with vacuum chuck didn't stick to the glass, the glass will not to fall, until you touch the glass sucker, absorb glass automatic alignment, the glass will be down, completely eliminate the personnel error caused by the broken pieces, where there are double glass safety protection, make sure the piece, piece, put a slice in the process of security. Economy: the glass table is a widely used in glass deep processing industry, with manual cutting, the traditional manual cutting machine needs at least 4 people as a team, the use of the equipment complete, cutting work, only one completed, save the manpower cost. At the same time, because the workers through remote control without glass, close contact to completely eliminate the safety risks on this link, equipment use of flexible, can adapt to different sizes of glass, a device has the function of multiple devices. Safety design, strong reliability, easy maintenance, simple operation.                                

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