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by:Eworld Machine     2020-06-12
Machinery and equipment for glass processing system important link. Pneumatic system of glass machinery equipment for the pneumatic system supplies meet the quality requirements must be compressed air, it is the important part of pneumatic system. Composition of glass machinery pressure system consists of glass machinery with compressed air compressor, after cooling, purification and a series of disposal, talent supply control components and application of actuators. Directly by the glass machinery with air compressor discharge of compressed air, if not for purification treatment, remove impurities such as mixed in the moisture in compressed air can't be used for pneumatic equipment. Therefore it is necessary to set up some oil removal, water, dust, and make the compressed air drying and improve the quality of compressed air, air purification processing. Compressed air purification equipment generally contain after cooler, oil water separation device, storage tanks and glass drying device. After cooler equipment with air compressor outlet piping in glass machinery, glass machinery with air compressor discharge temperature of compressed air, to reduce after cooler temperature. This can make the compressed air medium oil mist and water vapor saturation, condenses into drops to the make it as much as possible. The layout after cooler are: coil type, shell and tube type, plate fin and tube type, etc. ; A water-cooled and air-cooled two cooling way. After the oil water separation devices in the cooler on the pipeline of extraction and separation effect is compressed air contains water, oil and other impurities, preliminary purification for compressed air. Water-oil separation plant layout have ring inversion type, knocked back type, centrifugal rotary, bath type and combination of the above modes, etc. Oil water separation device first use of inversion of centrifugal, impact, water bath and other ways to make water droplets, oil and other impurities ingredients extracted from the compressed air. Storage tanks is the first role of storage must be amount of compressed air, reduce air output flow pulsation, add air flow continuity, weaken the glass machinery with air compressor exhaust airflow pulsation caused by pipeline vibration; More extraction and separation of the moisture in compressed air and oil content. Glass drying device is used more to get rid of the compressed air contains water, oil and impurities, such as dry compressed air, compressed air supply used for air quality requirements higher pneumatic equipment. Compressed air drying method first choose the way such as adsorption, centrifugal, mechanical precipitation and frozen. Quieter, glass machinery, cylinders, valves and other exhaust velocity is higher, when working gas volume swelling, the sharp noise will happen. Quieter means can inhibit noise transmission and promised to airflow through a kind of pneumatic components, it is through the damping or adding exhaust area to decrease the exhaust speed and power then drop shrill noise. Pneumatic equipment of quieter first in drag resistance of quieter and quieter, impedance compound quieter. Pneumatic actuators is the pressure of compressed air can be converted into mechanical energy automatic packaging line equipment, gas containing glass machinery cylinder motor. Completion of glass machinery cylinder linear motion and power, and complete rotation movement is a pneumatic motor.
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