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by:Eworld Machine     2020-06-12
Glass edge grinding machine parts and glass machinery industry with the integrated use of capital is low, the beam quality many advantages, fiber laser glass machinery industry quickly by the use of laser cutting on receiving. Fiber laser marking machine is suitable for low power, both can also be assembled on the high power cutting machine, and break the upper limit. At present, our country some rely on imports of high power fiber lasers. Followed the recent domestic kilowatt total fiber laser jointly developed, our country has mastered the kilowatt all fiber laser machine integration and large-scale production of key skills and related skills, has in sheet metal cutting, welding and other category has important use. In optical fiber laser techniques, a new generation of fiber laser appeared in 2014 in Munich on sea ray fair; And will be known at home and abroad, such as the laser, jinan Jin Qiang family in Munich on sea ray expo site the first interpretation of the laser producing and processing skills.
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