Glass edge grinding machine which is good

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-05
Save manpower and time, and does not interfere with the original attachment of quadrilateral grinding and other mechanical equipment. 5. When processing the machine solves the glass edge grinding of coarse, into the high temperature furnace is cracked, secondary debris scratched and so on. Quick easy finish straight edge, round edge, such as triangle, wavy abnormity edge grinding. 6. Automatic water cycle system, the control, temperature control water heating device and carbon fiber heating device. 7. Its unique design of the working platform can effectively prevent glass scratch and surface indentation, improve glass processing speed. Mr Wade is a domestic professional services in glass cutting machine, glass edging machine, glass washing machine industry of science and technology equipment manufacturing enterprises. Company focused on research and development manufacturing glass processing production equipment and automated production lines, product categories include hot bending furnace, glass cutting machine, glass washing machine, automatic car mirror glass production line, etc. , with large glass on the development and manufacture to the product packaging test the whole line. The company has a professional team of engineers have many years of experience in design and experienced workers, products of various technical indexes in the advanced level in the industry. We fully realize that the characteristics of glass deep processing industry, pay special attention to the advanced, reliability and durability of the product, ensure that every product is easy operation, convenient maintenance, reliable and durable, also provide users with long-term after sales service, timely and cost effective. Adopts single machine of our company or the whole production line, can let users immediately to experience in the aspect of labor productivity and product quality improved significantly. We can also according to the requirements of users, tailored a variety of special equipment and automated production lines, meet the pressing needs of the users of automation production and advanced equipment, we have a lot of successful case in this respect.
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