Glass edge grinding machine of the synchronous belt industry development present situation

by:Eworld Machine     2020-10-24
Synchronous belt is the glass edge grinding machine commonly used configuration, synchronous belt decided the quality of the glass edge grinding machine processing precision. But some manufacturer of glass edge grinding machine synchronous belt some big but not strong, some outdated technology, and there is no related research and development, some companies are blind horse, and there is no market awareness! Product quality relationship with enterprise's development, to the enterprise in the market competition advantage, is related to the survival of enterprises. Product quality is the basic symbol of measure a enterprise strength, in a sense, is an industry measure of quality, technology, management level important symbol. Throughout all successful enterprises at home and abroad, have attached great importance to product quality and its management. Someone said: 'where is the quality, the market is where, how high quality, big of market. ', 'quality is the lifeline of enterprise' and so on, these words have profound truth. As a production enterprise, must be to improve the product quality as a strategic priority. In order to establish oneself in the fierce market competition, must ensure that the quality of our products have to go to technical research and development and improve, to improve the production equipment and improve, perfect testing means testing! To improve the safety performance of products, but also improve product performance! Now the glass edge grinding machine of the synchronous belt production equipment level has greatly improved than before, improves the product quality of synchronous belt. But in terms of technology, we found in the AnBiao review, there are a lot of manufacturers didn't have enough money, research and development ability is low, technology does not reach the designated position, still stay in themselves and their competitive level, still use makeshift attitude to treat their own technology, in the face of quality competition how again? Quality is the life of the product, no quality, no everything. 'Not afraid not bargain, afraid goods than goods'. In the evolution of the market competition mechanism, it is very urgent to improve the quality of products! Now after continuous adjustment, from the original 680 s ~ 1400 s type synchronous belt level glass edge grinding machine, to some factory now has grown to 2500 s, and has developed in the 2800 s. Production of high strength glass edge grinding machine synchronous belt is very high to the requirement of production equipment, need stable tension, speed and temperature, is capable of producing high strength glass edge grinding machine synchronous belt manufacturers now only eight or so, there are many manufacturers still don't have the ability to transform the production equipment.
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