Glass edge grinding machine of choose and buy should pay attention to what details

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-02
Glass edge grinding machine as necessary glass processing machinery, in shape is relatively large, so the edge grinding machine of price is relatively high. On the market price of the same, but the glass of season last year no weak market, make the edge grinding machine also get further development. Nanjing, Mr Wade is a manufacturer specializing in production of edge grinding machine, engaged in for many years by the vast number of users agree and support. Today, nanjing Mr Wade in detail how to choose and buy for everybody the characteristics of the glass edge grinding machine, hope to be of help. The choose and buy of glass edge grinding machine details, should be where to start to observe and review edge grinding machine is reliable in quality. First of all, let's first review about the basic structure of the edge grinding machine, the host, guide rail, glass racks of front-rear end, ground water tank which four are the basic components. And the host can be divided into the front beam, back rest, base, pillar, motor, electric box, grinding wheel tank. So, can be very clear glass edge grinding machine before buying what quality inspection should be laid hands on him. Standards of quality requirements, the need after former girder and girder must level off, and requires wear-resistant heat-resistant antioxidant performance, make the edge grinding machine is not in the working process of the high temperature deformation. And the base as a bearing of edge grinding machine, also requires and beam before and after the same performance, ensure the quality of glass edge grinding. At the same time, the requirements of the glass edge grinding machine for grinding head is the highest, the quality of the grinding head directly affect the quality of the glass after deep processing. After years of experience in repair and maintenance to come, the edge grinding machine requires special attention to various parts of choose and buy, especially high wear-resisting antioxidant performance requirements of parts need to be casting parts, weldments needs special good rigidity, can make glass edge grinding machine in the process of long-term use is not a major fault, not separation, loose parts, etc. Finally, need special attention is the machine. Shaft to beat high precision, waterproof ability of the motor, more can guarantee the quality of glass processing. Motor grinding plate thickness and the quality of the motor itself belongs to the bundle effect, thick grinding plate than on the cost sheet is much higher, so you need to pay attention to check. Suggestions made in copper wire motor of choose and buy, bearing a good waterproof performance is high. Above, the nanjing Mr Wade summary for everybody in detail about the glass edge grinding machine of choose and buy, hope to be of help! We sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life and the vast majority of customers to come to consult!
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