Glass edge grinding machine construction glass diagonal there to do _ _ news

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-05
Glass appears to be rectangular shape, can conclude that rectangular its an important properties is diagonal are equal. In the practice of consumption, processing was studied and ideal form will have a certain level of bias, show it is diagonal long and short, appearance shape won't be a moment of appearance. Thus with glass edge grinding machining of glass commodity diagonal measurement is a kind of more suitable and the quality of the quick detection method. General situation, need to adjust in the following way to stop. 1, glass movement balance, if the glass grinding wheels before and after the periodic motion. This glass edge grinding machining of goods will be not straight, wavy edge. 2, can be recuperated girder screw and regulate causeway mother gap is big, when for the agency to stop. By the force of extrusion. Two girder spacing increases, thus provoking wavy edge and the edge is not parallel. Or pay attention to not equal on both sides of the goods movement speed, incur edge not parallel the head size, to adjust it the movement speed on both sides of the stops. 3, glass edge grinding machining process, because of the unequal two pairs of edge cutting force, and clamping force is not big enough to cause goods in longitudinal motion, which make up the glass edge grinding machining glass wavy edge and the edge is not parallel, so pay attention to the cutting force and clamping force to stop. Diagonal glass edge grinding machine is a result of the rare, but representative again, only by experience, don't understand the principle of machinery, equipment, analyze the results, find out problem, with good quality is difficult to consumption of glass edge grinding machine, thus should stop before using fragmentary training, familiar with the machine, it can timely handle when rendering performance.
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