Glass edge grinding machine

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-03
Now the domestic manufacturer of glass edge grinding machine has nearly hundred, of which the scale of production large, stable product quality, perfect after-sales service system, high credibility of the manufacturers only a dozen, we must first choice when buying these edge grinding machine manufacturers, because of these manufacturers edge grinding machine is on the price is higher than small factory production, but the quality and after-sales service is much better than the small factory, comfortable to use. Another important reason is that they will guarantee a year, and warranty is free of charge, a warranty charge cost appropriately. Although some small factory when buying also said the warranty for a year, but may not be to one year and they failed, may also charge a part of the maintenance cost. If need to buy glass edge grinding machine type and quantity is more, it is best to choose the same manufacturer production. Because to do so in the future production, management, maintenance and business also can get more preferential, and many manufacturers use of production equipment are made in the few equipment manufacturing factory, this factory much more complex. If the accuracy requirement of the grinding glass products is not too high, can consider to buy a few small factory production of edge grinding machine. Can save equipment investment, because of the small factory machine price are relatively cheap, generally can be 10% ~ 20% lower than the metal production. If the large glass products processing, more sufficient funds, and high accuracy requirement for glass products, production batch is big, can consider to buy several imported glass edge grinding machine. JinKouJi is expensive, but it high machining accuracy, low failure rate, a critical moment can bring advantage. Some manufacturers of imported edge grinding machine used for more than ten years are still in use, and the machining accuracy is still higher than the domestic machine. So in a sense a JinKouJi is quite cost-effective. This, of course, according to demand.
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