Glass deep processing industry how to choose and buy fully automatic glass cutting machine

by:Eworld Machine     2020-10-24
In the field of glass processing, glass cutting machine is one of the most common glass machinery. With speed up the pace of development of science and technology, intelligent production gradually replaced the traditional manual processing, greatly reduces the cost of artificial mechanical intelligence spending, guarantee for the quality of the product made great contributions. Although is common glass machinery, glass cutting machine but believe that a lot of glass deep processing enterprises still exist a lot of the problem, choose and don't know how to start. So, how to choose suits own efficient glass cutting machine? Automatic glass cutting machine, for example, when buy should pay attention to the following: 1. Selection: according to the enterprise actual cutting layout, choose one of the most suitable for you, what kind of glass is cut, also consider the basis of the layout, don't wear shoes small feet, because it involves the equipment of normal wear and unnecessary capital investment. 2. Cutting accuracy: undertake choosing according to your actual needs, not only can refer to the introduction of product specifications and manufacturers, and technical parameters of most manufacturers are not true. To the scene to see the actual presentation and glass manufacturers actual usage. 3. Cutting machine cutting speed, cutting speed of one of the main performance, mechanical performance and control part of the overall performance and good compatibility, cutting machine to reach the corresponding speed, so no matter how the speed of the actual need, the speed of the cutting machine is one of the best standard cutting machine performance. 4. Automatic layout optimization function: glass layout optimization is an important guarantee of glass cutting speed, the one-time computer optimization may not reach the best effect. Whether can manually modify the after function optimization is an important index of evaluating system. 5. Mechanical parts: stability and accuracy, first of all, the rationality of the design and installation of mechanical parts will be an important factor. In order to guarantee the straightness of mechanical parts, on either side of the guide rail parallelism, how to prevent the deformation, deformation can be corrected is an important part of the mechanical parts inspection. 6. Function: the function of the cutting machine is also an important symbol of test cutting machine performance. Can automatically adjust the pressure, can have abnormal scan function, can have a lower limit function, etc.
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