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by:Eworld Machine     2020-07-10
Cut glass can use manual cutting and mechanical cutting two ways: the first is manual cutting method, manual cutting it is recommended to use glass cutter, glass cutter is used for cutting glass tools, usually glass cutter used to cut part is bigger than glass hardness of diamond or alloy material, this part at the tip. Glass cutter can be divided into the diamond glass cutter and alloy wheel glass cutter, is applicable to the cutting thickness of 1 - 8 mm flat glass, decoration and building materials industry is essential for glass cutting tools. Mechanical cutting method to cut the glass machinery equipment has a lot of, commonly used is glass cutting machine. Glass cutting production line has machine, cutting machine, broken machines, on the lower composition; There are automatic glass slice machine, automatic cutting machine, gas floating glass break slice machine, automatic labeling glass cutting machine, glass machinery equipment. Running water production line can adopt computer control, mechanical automation degree is high, easy to use, also can improve the work of production and work efficiency, later period maintenance, maintenance is convenient. Eworld, focusing on the glass machinery equipment research and development, production, sales and service, if there is any need to welcome consultation!
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