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by:Eworld Machine     2020-06-30
With the constant progress of glass manufacturing technology, make the mass produce smooth and of high quality glass is also a possibility, at the same time, deep processing of glass type also more and more. In addition to the ordinary high strength of toughened glass and laminated glass and laminated glass can enhance bulletproof performance and security, there are all kinds of special glass, such as ground glass and the dimming glass, pay attention to privacy protection. Therefore, this article mainly introduces the flat glass cutting technique, and explains the characteristics of the glass cutting. Flat glass cutting, should make sure the cutting size. On the glass to cut, if the cutting line is straight, can use the straight line, and then cut. In addition, due to the tip of the glass cutter and the distance between the edge of about 2 mm, when cutting, straight edge should be about 2 mm outward. , according to the rule of glass cutting, left hand with a knife, the knife side on foot. After cutting, only scratches on the glass, not through the glass. As a result, when cutting glass, as long as have a trace on the glass, don't in the same place repeatedly cutting knife. If the improper operation, notch too shallow, should be on the other side of the glass cutting, marking again. Can also use a glass cutter, small hammers, wrenches, etc, from down to up tap on a notch on the back of the glass line, until the notch on the crack, and then break off. If the outside part of the plate glass bending or rounded, thickness of less than 3 mm, the cutting method can be used. Underline the scratch, and then use scissors to cut into the required shape in clean water. After cutting, stone, water sand paper, sand wheel tools such as smooth edges in the water. Above is the glass cutting of flat glass cutting techniques and methods. Eworld, engaged in the glass machinery equipment research and development, sales and service, if there is any need to welcome consultation!
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