Glass cutting piece of all-in-one: why do you want to conduct regular maintenance

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-13
Why on automatic glass cutting machine for regular maintenance, this is for the automatic glass cutting machine to improve our work efficiency, save the use of workers made great contributions. Equipment maintenance can reduce the outage loss and maintenance cost, reduce product costs, ensure product quality, improve production efficiency. Below small make up explain to everyone how about automatic glass cutting machine are repaired on a regular basis. In general, the maintenance of automatic glass cutting machine can be divided into daily maintenance and regular maintenance. Let me tell you the difference between them. The daily maintenance of automatic glass slice cutting machine including shift maintenance and maintenance over the weekend, conducted by the operator. Per shift maintenance requirements inspection equipment parts before the shift, and in accordance with the provisions of lubrication. After everything checked out, it should be check project records in the check card, confirm equipment normal rear can use. Automatic glass cutting machine operation must be strictly implemented maintenance procedures, proper use of equipment, pay attention to observe its operation, the process if it is abnormal, the operator can't eliminate the common faults should notify the maintenance workers, maintenance work within about 15 seconds before carefully wipe clean equipment, and record device status on the handover book, the transfer formalities. Weekend maintenance mainly operating personnel before every weekend and holidays, with 1 - 2 hours to a more thorough cleaning equipment, cleaning and oiling, moreover, the regular maintenance of automatic glass cutting machine by the operating personnel under the guidance of maintenance personnel. Two shifts glass machinery and equipment maintenance every three months, according to the complicated factors calculating operation time of the equipment. Above is the small make up to introduce the maintenance method of automatic glass cutting machine, so you can better improve the automatic glass cutting machine work, avoid common faults.
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