Glass cutting machine solar new energy projects such as looking for the partner

by:Eworld Machine     2020-10-24
Actively develop new markets, and sunshine resources are rich in Africa is their new goal. Attending more than 50 countries in Africa, glass cutting machine with the solar new energy projects such as looking for a partner or to purchase products and components, and Botswana and Senegal is clear to building photovoltaic power station, looking for Chinese partners to participate in domestic this key investment project. Alternative energy technology development company from Ethiopia the hope to find China in the new energy and alternative energy cooperation object, after the BBS business representatives also plans to travel to China pv enterprises, the main production base in east China to further investigation. For the aspirations of customers in Africa, China pv enterprises is not a surprise. In fact, some Chinese photovoltaic enterprises have action in advance, develop a glass cutting machine state market, industry layout. Wuxi suntech power co. , LTD. Is the earlier one of China's energy enterprises to get involved in the African market. Its parent company with the wind of clean energy, said CEO Luo Xin sunshine condition in Africa, but the gap is huge, has immeasurable solar power market prospects, the potential installation of photovoltaic (pv) project evaluation more than 11 gw. Its existing photovoltaic project installed concentrated in a few countries such as South Africa, Kenya, Morocco, mainly from large power station on the ground, the average size is greater than the mature markets such as Europe and the United States. ROM. Glass cutting machine, and then in 2012, in collaboration with Siemens 100 megawatts of photovoltaic power station project, and in 2014 set up a joint venture in Johannesburg. South Africa's national amount of photovoltaic power station project installation has been completed glass cutting machine nearly 1 gw, suntech products account for more than 10% of the total installed capacity.
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