Glass cutting machine operation specification

by:Eworld Machine     2021-01-05
Glass cutting machine specification operation steps: 1, good wear gloves, safety glasses, wearing red shoes. 2, open the power switch, open the ncstudio program, all mechanical origin, and then back to the fixed point. Load the need to use the program. The confirmation process. 3, move to cut glass raw material to the cutting table. 4, blowing button let glass float on the table and can move freely. After 5, glass position, press the stop button, to breathe in on Mr Wade off the glass firmly fixed in the specified location in order to achieve the best effect of positioning. 6, when the cutting is finished, press the stop button, and then stepped on the gas switch. In July and finish cutting the whole piece of glass to distinguishes the translation stage ( Open points before translation machine blowing air switch, confirm mesa clean) 。 8, to finish four surrounding material points then mark somehow into small pieces and edge material material in the location specified. Small pieces of glass after 9, distinguishes the piece 90 ° vertically interlaced ChaJia. Glass cutting machine, It is strictly prohibited to ChaJia Mr Wade line) 。 10, must use air gun to blow a mesa clean cutting surfaces and points. And then put down a piece of raw material production.
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