Glass cutting machine operation process

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-18
Need special personnel to use the automatic glass cutting machine, and through the operation of the professional and technical training, maintenance training, technical parameter, mechanical fault detection and troubleshooting, and relevant safety knowledge training. Through professional knowledge training, in accordance with the relevant provisions in security fatigues, glass cutting machine maintenance, cleaning and hygiene work. System management and the need to use their own cutting machine, don't borrow the machine. So, how to operate the automatic glass cutting machine to work? 1. Start the mechanical equipment, open the main electrical control cabinet by compressed air pipe stainless steel ball valve, make the cutting machine is filled with compressed air; 2. Open cupboard door, total control shut all the power switch (air 4) All switches, open cutting machine; 3. Connected to the switch panel, adjust the selector switch to 'manual'. Switch position on the control panel on cupboard door, specific operation for clockwise; 4. Open the power supply control system, open the console power button; 5. Debugging computer control system, according to the 'computer start' button, which is open, waiting for the control system into the Windows desktop, complete all the work boot glass cutting machine system.
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