Glass cutting machine: introduction to the glass furnace flue gas waste heat utilization

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-13
Float glass furnace energy saving way. 1) Sealed kiln body and enhance the heat preservation, reduce the surface cooling, etc. 2) Adopt the method of total oxygen or oxygen-enriched combustion, by reducing the nitrogen gas into the furnace of burning helpless, left glass furnace to reduce the quantity and more of the flue gas and heat. 3) To leave the glass furnace flue gas heat recovery and utilization. 4) Using large-tonnage glass furnace, increase the rate of melting. 5) To improve the glass cutting machine. One of the flue gas heat recovery has huge potential. 4. Belt with flue gas heat utilization. Glass cutting machine at present there are several kinds of main methods of flue gas waste heat utilization, steam directly use, waste heat power generation, waste heat heating mixtures or other carrier, etc. ( 1) Steam production is the main purpose of steam heating and heating before, now using the lithium bromide units can refrigeration, but influenced by usage, use time and season, this method is single, can not be fully utilized fully automatic glass cutting machine in the recovery of waste heat in flue gas. ( 2) Waste heat power generation using glass furnace flue gas waste heat power generation is a comprehensive utilization of resources projects, as well as to make full use of the waste gas waste heat not only can greatly improve the energy efficiency for the factory, is reduced by the waste heat power generation power produced by atmospheric pollutant emissions, reduce the greenhouse effect. ( 3) Waste heat carrier heating mixtures or other glass cutting machine using flue gas heating glass or glass cutter is the batch of countries has long been a research topic, heating glass for application, heating mixtures is difficult. My company is do the work of gas gas heat, use of flue gas to heat air or coke oven gas. 5. Automatic glass cutting machine of waste heat power generation system is its essential USES waste heat power generation boiler, recycling waste gas in the heat produce superheated steam, and then sent to the steam turbine in expanding power, converting heat energy into mechanical energy, which drives the generator to produce electricity. Since 2007, when China's first glass automatic glass cutting machine glass kiln waste heat power plant put into use, currently under construction and running for dozens of power stations across the country, the process of its development is very rapid, each big enterprise basic glass already built waste heat power station, and adopt more in the form of BOT
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