Glass cutting machine in order to promote the benign competition of the industry

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-12
Jin Xuan of name, send a good Windows and doors curtain wall companies can make their own was in enterprises at the same time, have a positive impact to the whole industry and leading role in order to promote the benign competition of the industry, to encourage the industry pioneer in green, innovation as own duty, the Chinese construction metal structure association decided since 2014, to carry out the building Windows and doors curtain wall industry Jin Xuan award porch is to point to the window, also used to describe a body of eaves, ze the shadow of others glass cutting machine China China international door window curtain wall fair has become the industry enterprise communication technology, release innovative products annual event Jin Xuan prize plan once every two years, every expo to be held in Beijing though has just held a Jin Xuan awards, but menacing, voting WeChat platform approach also makes it more dynamic Jin Xuan award for enterprise class award two, character class 3 items and the jury awards two categories including enterprise class award for each plate voted the most influential enterprise award prize of the most influential and most innovative enterprise awards is to the enterprise brand, technology, market share, quality and safety, social responsibility measures such as comprehensive consideration, the most innovative companies award is focus on the independent innovation ability of enterprises glass cutting machine first, guangzhou baiyun chemical industry co. , LTD. With superior comprehensive strength, high ticket won the award of Jin Xuan ( Sealing products) The most influential enterprise awards 3. Most widely 2015 China real estate development enterprises preferred brand evaluation results of China's real estate development enterprise 500 strong glass cutting machine measurement results and the Chinese real estate development enterprises preferred brand evaluation results, China's real estate research institute, China real estate industry association China real estate assessment center for industry chain enterprises realize the industry status quo, to better guide the development of real estate enterprises to improve their comprehensive quality and brand quality and through science fair, objective and authoritative evaluation index system and assessment report issued by the evaluation method, to promote the benign competition and healthy development of China's real estate industry has played a positive role, in-depth analysis of industry data, the development and performance of enterprises, for the real estate industry in the consolidation phase of the transformation and upgrading of providing valuable reference for the list of top 500 for seven consecutive years since 2008, the authoritative, glass cutting machine its selection involves the scope of the whole real estate industry, the first to become one of the most extensive survey named bo automatic glass cutting machine, glass cutting machine 4. http://www the official national construction decoration award. aiznb。 cn
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