Glass cutting machine has wide application range

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-11
Check for glass cutting machine, the advantages of hubei wide glass cutting machine have cut, cutting speed, the efficiency of higher some characteristics. But cutting medium thickness plate there is a lot of groove defect, so is only used for cutting thin plate. Its development direction is that the increase of plasma power supply technology, with the numerical control system with plasma power supply problems. Compare the current commonly used several kinds of cutting machine function characteristics, the function of the glass cutting machine has been more perfect. Graphical automatic cutting code conversion software applications, the unique advantages of cutting of thick plate and its cheap cost of investment, glass cutting machine has been dominant in the current cutting industry. Glass cutting machine with cutting speed, precision and cutting quality is good wait for a characteristic. High cost and the localization of the lag is the bottleneck restricting the development of glass cutting machine. But the future of glass cutting machine manufacturing popularization of great business opportunities. Countries emphasize the revitalization of manufacturing industry, it creates opportunities for cutting technology application. Numerical control of high pressure water jet cutting machine is applicable to any material cutting, high cutting precision, does not produce hot deformation, it is environmental protection way of cutting. High production cost and the lag of water jet technology restricted its application and popularization. However, the numerical control high pressure water jet cutting machine will be the development direction of CNC cutting machine. Modern machinery processing industry for sheet metal cutting quality and cutting accuracy is improving, to the functional requirement of the glass cutting machine are also rising. Glass cutting machine with cutting speed, precision and cutting quality is good wait for a characteristic, however, these characteristics must be growing expansion to meet the market demand. Glass cutting machine must adapt to the development of modern machining industry development needs.
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