Glass cutting machine from the original brick seeps into the glass

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-16
f。 Cool glass was brought into molding flow stood in the cold end can be seen with the edge of glass and glass substrate of different deformation belt, width is about 2 ~ 5 mm at 90 ℃ incident Angle ( Along the glass plate normal perspective) B can be observed. Wodge furuncle tumor on the glass, are transparent, some have stiffened tail, the region glass plates have serious optical distortion is about 2 ~ 8 mm diameter, optical and substrate glass, some with glass have obvious boundaries, no obvious boundaries, mostly with vitreous appearance but there was no difference in the color and the glass, a few have formed a shallow color. Cooperate with uneven mixing and hierarchical b. Too much powder, the batch of the cluster, Such as limestone powder after excessive cluster shaped glass cutting machine form rich calcium reinforcement) c。 D glass homogenization. Feldspar contains larger particles ( Yi glass cutting machine) e. Broken glass liquid is not uniform, caused by uneven local chemical glass g. Flying mixtures in powder, in the higher area of the upper furnace temperature melt after the formation of the liquid droplets fall into the glass h. Glass cutting machine from the original brick seeps into the glass, Rich aluminum, rich siliceous) 我。 Broken glass is contained in the size of the larger solid inclusions, not out, once again into the kiln can form furuncle tumor after j. Convection is disorder, formation of jin k. Stir the cooling water temperature is too low, can form the reinforcement of uneven hot l. Bottom glass cutting machine or for other reasons the crystallization of glass flow into the higher temperature, crystal dissolved the stripe ( Sometimes accompanied by crystal, according to the types of the residual crystals can sign don't stripes)
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