Glass cutting machine for cutting glass window of the process

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-11
Glass cutting machine is a technique used in the production of glass Windows mixing mud and horse dung embryonic pericardium, then dip in hot glass paste in the metal bar as the main body of the container, around the glass fiber model, and then dig out the embryo core cools slowly. 1. The torch thermoplastic is to use small gun or flame heating, also known as the torch thermoplastic. Use only color boron sodium striped or glass striped stretch, torsion, winding process, and constantly into shape, suitable for small and delicate properties such as glass beads, animals and plants. Because the use of glass rod is different: is the difference between a solid, hollow and stretching thermoplastic, also can make the work more interesting with coloured drawing or pattern. 2. Blowing method originated in the first year of Roman empire, is still making glass is the most important, the most widely used and most types of methods. Is given priority to with window blowing more, form small bubble blowing glass cutting machine, then use tools to try hot forming, with another torch dab a small amount of glass for a bridge role, will work slowly down cold. 3. Wax casting method with fireproof gypsum wax mold, glass raw materials and empty into a furnace heating at the same time, in the high temperature glass into the mold forming, slowly on the stove dewaxing, xu cold plaster model, then grinding and planning to complete the processing. 4. Powder casting glass block, and glass powder filling into the model of design in advance, into the furnace to melt the entire glass works.
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