Glass cutting machine, China building decoration association curtain wall

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-14
According to official statistics glass cutting machine, 2014 biopic adornment, baiyun sealant is winning project ( More than 100 metres engineering) Use most of the sealant brand, with extraordinary strength again shine decoration prize in the national construction decoration award ( Decoration award for short) Sponsored by the China building decoration association, is the ministry of construction approved by China building decoration industry's highest honor, list every year since 2001, has received the social from all walks of life of glass cutting machine, has been widely accepted by China building decoration association curtain wall project committee announced the 232 Mr Wade 4 year 2013 ~ 201 the first batch of national construction decoration award construction curtain wall winning project in order to better promote outstanding curtain wall materials production enterprises and brand of high quality material, this decoration award to the winning project material is used ( Including material, glass, plastic, metal, etc. ) Has carried on the comprehensive statistics, the award-winning engineering materials production enterprises, brand, type and dosage are analyzed in detail from different kinds of awards it is easy to see, China building sealant industry along with China's curtain wall industry over 30 years of development, Chinese companies, led by white clouds in various types of sealant awards show very grab an eye over the years, baiyun chemical innovation drive, yong bear responsibility, made automatic glass cutting machine for industry leadership to win industry awards grand slam, indeed
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