Glass cutting machine assembly line properties

by:Eworld Machine     2021-01-04
Glass cutting machine assembly line its working principle is, it will be cut glass by the conveyor belt to the workbench, the glass position the positioning of the first machine is good, with a diamond knife wheel cutting head on process control to move along the X axis and Y, respectively, for cutting substrates. Machine control part adopts CNC motion control card, driving part of the application of advanced ac servo motor. Properties (1) Chassis material selection profile bridge steel welding molding and manganese content in the national standard after aging treatment, such good comprehensive mechanical properties of steel, plastic and good welding performance. Surface with special cleaning process to remove surface pitting and table oxide layer, the underlying senior spray epoxy primer, surface spraying, senior automotive paint; 2) Equipment through professional structural analysis software, and ensure the stability of the machine, dynamic balance, mechanical strength to achieve the perfect coordination, and ensure the table structure deformation; 3) Equipment has a key reset function, simply click on the touch screen can finish automatically all the preparation work before starting, greatly improve the work efficiency; 4) The overall cable, trachea layout reasonable, completely sealed; 5) Cutting oil supply way: with double oil ( Divided into general cutting oil and advanced cutting oil) With air filtration devices, and ensure the use of cutting oil cleaning, cutting oil automatically, and the knife synchronous ( Both cutting oil can also note, mainly is the true of TCO, Low E glass etc. ) ; 6) Guide to use high-speed mute linear guide rail, high cutting precision, low noise; 7) Drive part to the use of advanced Japan yaskawa servo motor, make the equipment reliable performance, small error, high efficiency; 8) Cutting operation in Japan SMC proportional electromagnetic valve, according to the glass thickness automatically adjust the pressure, rotate 360 degrees of the cutting tools, buffer cutting (under the knife up and down To accurately cut any straight lines and various special-shaped glass) Crawl, cutting head is equipped with wheel, effectively prevent the assembly of the cutting tools and glass of accidental damage; 9) Segment containing the knife protection function, if the head of the gap on the outside of the glass or glass, the program automatically stop, effectively prevent the damage to the parts and glass; 10) Conveying equipment, automatic synchronous transmission device, convenient glass up and down transmission; 11) Positioning device, photoelectric scanning positioning system with mechanical positioning and; 12) Compensation function, cutter eccentricity compensation, clearance compensation, pitch compensation. Widely used in construction, hollow, furniture, solar energy, LOW E, electric appliance, automobile, lenses, crafts, kitchen utensils and appliances, sanitary ware and other automatic suit cut cut glass.
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