Glass cutting machine application and manufacture of optical glass processing technology

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-10
Application preparation technology of optical glass and glass cutting machine is improved, can obtain highly transparent and uniform optical glass, the bottom of the large sized work content is more easily obtained materials of low cost, large volume and contain high density activated particle number is important for high power and high energy laser favorable conditions. ( 2) The substrate glass is easy to change. Large range of changes in the composition and properties of substrate glass, add the amount and type of activation agent also not too restrictive, so easier to develop with various characteristics of laser glass varieties series. ( 3) Easy processing. Glass cutting machine using optical glass thermoforming and manufacture technology, laser glass is easy to direct molding for all kinds of shapes, such as rods, slices, silk and research into high precision optical surface, so as to adapt to the needs of the development of a variety of glass cutting machine parts structure. ( 4) Based on the characteristics of the glass structure, namely the short-range order and disorder, structure defect of broken glass in glass small and easy to eliminate the influence of the nature, so easy to obtain isotropic, the nature of the large volume, uniform of working substance. Neodymium glass due to produce laser at room temperature, temperature quenching effect is small, light series pump absorption effect and high quantum efficiency at present is the most main laser glass. Laser glass consists of two parts, glass matrix and active ion. All kinds of physical and chemical properties of the laser glass is mainly decided by the substrate glass, and its optical properties is largely decided by activating ions. But the substrate glass and active ion interaction between each other, so active ion on the chemical and physical properties of the laser glass has a certain influence, the substrate glass impact on spectral properties of Mr Wade it sometimes is quite important.
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