Glass cutting machine, achievements acknowledged,

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-13
Excess product structural characteristics of the more obvious. The excess amount of flat glass, glass cutting machine is mainly used in ordinary float glass of excess, and high-end product guarantee ability is insufficient, the majority of low value-added products, is still in low-end value chain and the subordinate status. Excess ordinary float glass, quality float ratio is low, the quantity and depth of the secondary processing have a larger gap; Small scale emerging industry. Three is the enterprise production and business operation cost increase too fast. Glass industry is resource energy-intensive and typical scale industries, in recent years, resources, energy prices and rising labor costs and was listed in industries with excess capacity after the financing difficult to become a common phenomenon, make the enterprise production and business operation cost increase. On the one hand, excess capacity is insufficient market demand, product prices continue to fall, on the other hand increase cost, weaken the profitability of enterprises, become the transformation and upgrading and structural adjustment of the biggest constraints. Glass cutting machine, achieved obvious, but it is undeniable that the decline in the efficiency of resource allocation, innovation ability is insufficient, overcapacity challenges such as increased, second half of the 'twelfth five-year', the benefit of the glass industry, investment, production always run at a lower level, such as key indicators that we have entered the low growth rate as the main characteristics of the new normal. We should recognize the problems and contradictions in the glass industry has both external factors and their own reasons, but is still developing
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