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by:Eworld Machine     2020-06-29
Glass cutting, the main quality problems there are wounds, collapse edge, size deviation, many Angle, Angle, cutting face less not founder, etc. , which cut cutting stage is the cause of broken glass and put a little scratch; Many Angle less Angle is bad rap glass off the blade or the blade; Glass is not only due to the use of the blade Angle is not correct. A, cut cut directly affect the subsequent processing, the following should be paid attention to when cutting. ( 1) Before cutting, should first clear glass cutting table sundry, cutting process should always clean up the sundry, keep the table clean. ( 2) Cut glass stacked, sheet pile up as far as possible. For example, when a few piece of glass stacked together, should use rubber strip separate glass or white paper and other soft materials. ( 3) Stacked glass, the first to align the edge of the glass, and edge alignment. Second, the collapse edge cut glass, often appear critical edge phenomenon and influence the cutting quality. The glass produced in the process of cutting side damage there are three main reasons. ( 1) Cutter blade wear serious, should be on the cutting tools to grinding. ( 2) When cutting, if the knife is too heavy, should strengthen the practical operation, the control of cutting force. ( 3) The quality problem of the glass itself, such as the stress is not equal. Three, cutting cutting dimension deviation size deviation is to get the purpose of a given size. Therefore, control the size deviation is the key to cutting processing technology. We should pay attention to several points. ( 1) In order to control the glass cutting size deviation, the first to produce qualified cutting samples. ( 2) Need skilled cutting personnel, make the cutting stability. ( 3) Glass cutting with automatic or semi-automatic alloy cutting wheel, size deviation control in the plus or minus 0. 5 mm or less. ( 4) If appear much Angle phenomenon, grinding process can be used to remove, ensure that size. Eworld, engaged in the glass machinery equipment research and development, sales and service, if there is any need to welcome consultation!
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