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by:Eworld Machine     2020-06-25
Selection for glass machinery equipment purchase, there are a lot of related introduction, including here after cutting width, cutting way cutting thickness as the main factors, such as reference, from the practical application, the glass cutter is introduced in the selection of just hope everyone can understand the equipment purchasing should be given priority to with use requirements, suitable for users to use the equipment is good, this is Eworld mechanical glass cutting machine sales and service for many years, the main idea of the following we will discuss more material cutting selection problem and provide some advice for everyone, from the material to explain how to choose and buy glass machinery cutting way. Currently in glass machinery and equipment on the selection of main distinguish from the following several aspects: 1. Up from the dimension of a processing materials selection. 2. Choose from the processing and the thickness of the material. 3. From processing materials material choice. This is today mainly to introduce the main aspects. You first came to let us know about the distinction between materials and how to choice. Steel is mainly divided into two categories: non-ferrous metals and ferrous metal. Ordinary steel for carbon steel, the iron carbon alloy. In accordance with the carbon content of high and low, are divided into low carbon steel ( For wrought iron) , medium carbon steel and cast iron. General carbon content less than 0. 2% of the low carbon steel, commonly known as wrought iron or pure iron; Content in 0. 2 - 1. 7% of the steel; Content in 1. More than 7% of pig iron. Surface oxidation, then the flame cutting is need combustion gas ( Acetylene + + oxygen oxygen or propane) Cooperate with instant oxygen combustion oxidation of steel surface, in order to achieve high temperature melting steel moment form a way of cutting of the incision. Because it is impossible to oxidation on the surface of nonferrous metal, so you must choose the way of plasma cutting. Less than 6 mm below, but the ordinary carbon steel plate is too thin, flame cutting speed is slower, so this time also must choose cutting way. Above is the share practical skills for glass cutting machine, if you have any questions welcome to consultation, Eworld glass machinery equipment we are looking forward to cooperating with you!
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