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by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-09
Glass machinery parts and components should be how to cleaning? Glass machinery parts cleaning method? Mr Wade has a professional team of engineers have many years of experience in design and experienced workers, products of various technical indexes in the advanced level in the industry. Today, Mr Wade to fight glass cleaning method of mechanical parts. 1, mobile phone clean glass cutter blower fan long-term use, can make the fan piled up many solid dust inside, let the fan make a big noise, in addition to flavor and is unfavorable to the exhaust. When present poor lack of exhaust fan, suction, closed power supply first, will be discharged into the duct and the duct on the fan, get rid of the dust inside, and then pour the fan shaft, and move in the wind leaf, pull until clean clean, then put the fan installed. 2, mobile phone glass cutter guide clean guide, straight axis, as one of the core parts of the equipment, it is the function of guiding and supporting effect. In order to ensure the machine has high machining accuracy, to guide, linear has higher guidance precision and excellent processing quality of glass cutting machine, carefully prepared guide, straight axis daily protection. 3, mobile phone lens clean glass cutting machine I remind you: laser glass cutting machine lens center to marginal rotary scrub. 3 lenses and gather the mirror from the frame, in the same way to scrub, scrub after the end of the same back then. Believe that through the above all the interpretation of cleaning for glass machinery parts and components have a certain understanding. Above, is Mr Wade summary for you about glass machinery parts cleaning method in detail, you are welcome to inquire!
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