Glass cleaning machine works?

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-08
Glass machinery of a glass edge grinding machine is a kind of glass washing machine is what is important, because a lot of our glass processing factory can use these two kinds of mechanical equipment, can say the two devices occupies an important position in the glass machinery. Glass cleaning is a very important link, because the glass after so many working procedure must be stolen goods on the surface of the back to be blinded by the beautiful appearance, only in glass cleaner to remove the veil to reveal a beautiful delicate and charming color, let's take a look at the glass cleaning machine step by step, how to peel away layers of our glass products. Generally in glass cleaning machine, the transducer after high frequency electric energy into mechanical energy, minimal due to the amplitude of high frequency vibration transmission to the cleaning slot in the solution, under the influence of transducer, cleaning fluid inside will continue to produce very many tiny bubbles and instantaneous burst, and each bubble burst will generate nearly thousand shock waves and a few baidu's high temperature, atmospheric pressure and the filth of the workpiece washed clean. After the advent of the advantages of glass, mirror, vacuum coating, tempered, hot bending, hollow glass pieces and deep processing industry, for the process before the process was carried out on the glass surface clean and dry processing of special equipment provides the convenient. Glass edge grinding machine preferred zhengyi glass machinery! Zhengyi glass machinery co. , LTD. , shunde district, foshan city, specializing in the development of glass edge grinding machine, construction glass edge grinding machine, Mosaic glass edge grinding machine, door and window glass edge grinding machine, beveling machine, glass straight line edging machine, bilateral machines, washing machine, sandblasting machine, glass processing equipment; And with superior cost-effective and perfect after-sales service, leading the trend of the world's glass machinery industry!
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