Glass cleaning machine when using need to pay attention to the temperature

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-09
Glass cleaning machine the temperature of the water is very important. When the glass is dirty or ambient temperature is lower, but clean water is heated, in order to achieve a better cleaning effect. Thermostat water temperature adjustment, the method is: the thermostat knob clockwise, make it a pointer refers to need heating temperature, heating to 30 ~ 50 degrees. A part of the air. Use after a period of time, because of dust gathered in fan filter clogging problem into the wind, reduce air flow, need to clean up. Cleaning method: remove the filter with high pressure air tube recoil, and then rinse with clean water, and dry. Air drying process, dry air drying should also pay attention to the time and temperature Settings. This time you need to set up the temperature of the glass cleaning machine, according to the local temperature is not the same. And then set the temperature is different also, if the weather is very hot, and then set the temperature should be lower. But if it is winter low temperature, you should set the higher temperature. Such not only can achieve the effect of drying, no damage to the glass. Safety depends on the cleaning effect. Some maintenance personnel in maintenance work, tend to emphasize pump maintenance, the machine parts, and neglecting to all sorts of equipment maintenance 'small'. They believe that these 'small' does not affect the machinery factory, even damage it doesn't matter, as long as the mobile make do with machine. It is these 'small' lack of maintenance, the machine of early wear, shorten service life. Such as equipment used engine oil filter, air filter, hydraulic oil filter, water thermometer, the oil temperature table, hydraulic friend, sensors, alarm, oil filter, nozzle, the joints between the electromagnetic valve, fan ventilation hood, spread uranium bolt lock plate, and so on, these 'small' is an important part of the normal work and the equipment maintenance, it is important to extend the service life of mechanical, such as do not pay attention to maintenance, often 'penny wise and pound foolish', lead to equipment failure.
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