Glass cleaning machine use attention skills

by:Eworld Machine     2020-04-01
Glass cleaner is indispensable equipment for glass production enterprise, it can effectively improve the efficiency of enterprise of glass production, increase production profit in the glass industry and glass cleaner once problems will timely maintenance, avoid delay production needs. So a lot of glass production enterprise of glass cleaner must grasp when using tips. Under the glass washing machine manufacturer in jinan teng yu glass machinery co. , LTD. To tell you the glass washing machine use must pay attention to the place. A, glass washing machine before work must first check automatic glass cleaner in piping system for leaks oil leakage, if any, need to notify the maintenance personnel to repair the machine, if the advantages of glass washing machine cleaning fluid is not enough, we need to add cleaning fluid in a timely manner. Second, to start the machine before use, 2 - operation 3 minutes, check the drive system ( Motor, linkage section, reducer) And transmission belt is smooth, no error after confirmation, can run normally. Three, glass cleaner open oil out device, began to remove oil, open water pump, the water calm on behalf of the discharge of oil when the effect is good, after the discharge of oil. Four, the need to clean the glass placed neatly on the travel, don't put on the roller, and transmission parts don't stack too much of the process, affect the cleaning effect. Five, the work is completed, glass cleaning transfer out, close the glass cleaner. Jinan teng yu glass machinery co. , LTD is a company specializing in the production of fully automatic CNC glass cutting machine and related glass processing auxiliary equipment production enterprise, is domestic is engaged in the smart cutting machine research and development and production of glass cutting machine manufacturers, the company are rich in the experience of numerical control equipment manufacturing technology. Jinan teng yu glass machinery co. , LTD. , with science and technology as the guide, continuous innovation, to provide customers with cost-effective, high reliability products and satisfactory service. Teng yu based on the domestic market, guide the international market, oriented to teng yu the key technology and research as the core, the world all kinds of advanced technologies and resources to construct teng yu core technology, domestic production of glass cutting machine, at home and abroad well-known brand with multi-functional glass slice cutting machine. Jinan teng yu glass machinery co. , LTD. , as the domestic numerical control equipment of the professional manufacturing enterprise, we sincerely provide customers with good after-sales service, to provide customers with technical quality, quality and reliable products and complete technology solutions, the pursuit of customer satisfaction is our service tenet. In glass deep processing of the booming today, the market is more and more high to the requirement of processing machines, teng yu with strong technology and production strength continuous innovation, continuous reform, adhere to the 'best quality, the user first' professional spirit for the majority of users with high-quality products, humanized service, to meet customer demand!
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