Glass cleaning machine of daily maintenance and maintenance

by:Eworld Machine     2021-01-10
Glass washing machine is in the mirror, vacuum coating, tempered glass, hot bending, hollow glass pieces and deep processing procedure before to clean, dry glass surface processing of special equipment. Glass cleaning machine is mainly composed of transmission system, scrub, water, pure water rinse, cold, dry hot air and electric control system, etc. In normal times, we need to pay special attention to the advantages of maintenance and maintenance. One, the advantages of lubrication to prevent necrosis caused by excessive wear gear abrasion machine, cleaning machine must be properly lubricated. Glass coating process of glass cleaning degree requirements is very high, do not allow a small amount of lubricating oil into the cleaning area, so should choose to have good mechanical stability and adhesion of grease. Focusing on the transmission chain, helical gear and shaft lubrication. 1. Wash area with plastic sheets will need lubrication components and isolated prevent oil pollution. (2) on the chain, gear, shaft roller chain lubrication with the combination of the chain plate surface. (3) to drive chain and channel, to make its lubricant evenly. (4) with a clean cotton cloth to wipe the redundant grease. Second, the calibration transfer roller washing machine using the pinch of glass, the lower roller is fixed, the height of the upper roller can be adjusted, to ensure the smooth of uniform and transmit the force applied on the glass. The lower roller by the drive shaft and the gear transmission system, need to periodically check the bearing and the level of the horizontal and vertical. The upper roller by two water lubricated plastic bearings on both ends fixed, free rotation. Because the plastic bearings use increased after a period of time is easy to wear gap, leading to imbalance on both ends of the upper roller, make glass glass easy to form the deflection in the washing machine. In view of the upper roller, we increase the fixed end block and measure the height change on a regular basis, the corresponding calibration or replacement bearings, to adjust the roller compaction strength. Three, mainly through the height adjustment for the disc brush washer entrance three rows of a total of 132 disc brush to clean the raw surface of the glass, add liquid polishing agent at the same time, to ensure that can effectively on the glass surface grinding, remove stubborn stains. To make effective rolling brush, brush on the glass surface is generally set disk brushes maojian tea height 1 below the surface of the glass. 5 mm. As the disc brush wear, need regular brush plate height down, to ensure the quality of cleaning. Four, storage tank and water pans clean entry cleaning machine USES a three-level quality cleaning and recycling way, step by step in the transfer of the audience has five water tank and the corresponding water pans, used to store water cleaning. Because in cleaning the glass at the same time, the pollution of the water itself, so the water storage box usually gradually deposit some polish and other dirt, need to wash clean on a regular basis, to ensure the water is clean. Five, polishes and a spray nozzle of unobstructed entrance cleaning machine adopts aluminum or cerium oxide aqueous solution as a polishing agent, through the spray pipe between the upper roller is added to the plate in the process of the rolling brush brush. With solid solution polishing agent, when the concentration is too large, easy to cause the nozzle clogging. Observed in use polishes nozzle blockage, should be timely dredging and regulating polishes diluted concentration. On polishing agent and spray nozzle cleaning to follow these steps. (1) remove the cleaner version, rising cleaner upper roller, shut off the power and water supply valve. (2) loosen the nozzle at the ends of the retaining bolt, the nozzle will be removed. (3) the import of the pure water from the nozzle with high pressure water gun was formed in the nozzle pressure, observe the water situation of each nozzle, use paper clips to dredge. (4) clean nozzle, installation back, fastening bolts, pay attention to the direction of the nozzle before unpick and wash. Six, dry air knife area clean and adjust the washing machine and a water tank is filled with heat ( Temperature at about 45 ℃) High pure water and thus adhere to the raw water damage on the surface of the glass after entering drying area to under the action of the wind knife Gao Qiangfeng blown away and evaporation. Air knife blade and glass glass shows certain acute Angle, the plane every time disassembling wind knife or change its position measurement must pay attention to the perspective and remain the same. 1) cleaning the glass in the drying zone, tag, paper and other contaminants, and use clean cloth to wipe the wind knife, roller and other parts, ensure clean. (2) will be used in fan filter plate and the secondary filter bag is removed, the reverse of the compressed air to blow out the inside of the dust, and inspect for damage or congestion, change regularly. (3) with the saw blade into the wind blade, check whether there is a filter bag fibers such as debris plug blade. If regular earnestly carried out in accordance with the above procedure for entrance cleaning machine maintenance and maintenance, in the case of process normally, can greatly ensure glass glass cleaning effect, ensure the stable quality of coated glass products.
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