Glass cleaning machine maintenance

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-08
Glass cleaning machine maintenance glass entrance of rinsing machine adopts aluminum or cerium oxide as a polishing agent, aqueous solution through the spray pipe between the upper roller is added to the plate in the process of the rolling brush brush. With solid solution polishing agent, when the concentration is too large, easy to cause the glass cleaning machine nozzle blockage. Observed in the use of polishing agent should be timely dredging and regulating nozzle clogging polishes diluted concentration. Then according to the following steps to cleaning maintenance. Rises (1) remove the glass cleaning machine, washing machine upper roller, shut off the power and water supply valve. (2) loosen the nozzle at the ends of the retaining bolt, the nozzle will be removed. (3) the import of the pure water from the nozzle with high pressure water gun was formed in the nozzle pressure, observe the water situation of each nozzle, use paper clips to dredge. (4) clean nozzle, installation back, fastening bolts, pay attention to the direction of the nozzle before unpick and wash. Glass cleaner air knife dry area clean and adjust what work needs to be done? Glass cleaning machine last tank is filled after the heating of high pure water, therefore adhere to the raw water damage on the surface of the glass after entering drying area can under the action of the wind knife Gao Qiangfeng blown away and evaporation. Air knife blade and glass glass shows certain acute Angle, the plane every time disassembling wind knife or change its position measurement must pay attention to the perspective and remain the same. 1) cleaning the glass in the drying zone, tag, paper and other contaminants, and use clean cloth to wipe the wind knife, roller and other parts, ensure clean. (2) will be used in fan filter plate and the secondary filter bag is removed, the reverse of the compressed air to blow out the inside of the dust, and inspect for damage or congestion, change regularly. (3) with the saw blade into glass cleaner wind blade, check whether there is a filter bag fibers such as debris plug blade.
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