Glass cleaning machine how to do a good job of lubricating maintenance

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-09
The advantages of glass deep processing of glass surface clean and dry before processing of special equipment, in the usual use should pay attention to lubrication and maintenance. To prevent glass cleaner excessive wear leads to necrosis of gear, so the cleaner must get the correct proper lubrication, glass coating process of glass cleaning degree requirements is very high, do not allow the lubricating oil into the cleaning area, visible choose good mechanical stability and adhesion of oils and fats is very important, we should focus on to drive chain lubrication, gear and the shaft. 1. Clean with plastic sheets will need lubrication components and isolated area and prevent oil pollution; 2. In chain, gear and shaft roller chain lubrication with the combination of the chain plate surface; 3. Drive chain and channel for glass cleaning machine, homogeneous lubrication; 4. When adding grease lubrication is ready to use clean cotton cloth to wipe the redundant grease.
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