Fully automatic adopting physical toughened glass cutting machine

by:Eworld Machine     2020-04-03
Automatic glass cutting machine adopts computer control, high degree of automation, maintenance is convenient. Currently widely used physical toughened method. Automatic glass cutting, physical toughened method is heating the glass to softening point (attached About 650 ℃) When glass still can maintain its original shape, but has certain ability to migration of particles in the glass, structural adjustment, so that the internal stress of the existence of quickly eliminate, blowing cold snap, when the temperature balance, compressive stress, occurs on the surface of glass lining has a tensile stress, the glass produced a uniform and regular distribution of internal stress, improve the glass as the tensile strength of brittle material, so that the glass bending and impact strength was improved. Because of the existence of glass internal uniform stress once local by more than the strength of glass can withstand the impact of the fracture, the internal stress under the action of explosive for small particles, improved its security. In the process of toughened glass glass tempering furnace, generally, wind and stress, the wind is in the process of cooling due to uneven due to uneven glass stress, which formed in some special Angle will see the glass surface is observed under light and dark and white stripes. Spot is caused by uneven because of stress, such as in the process of heating, central hearth and uneven temperature difference and lead to stress. Spot there is no way to completely avoid stress, but a well-designed toughened equipment can reduce the stress of visibility.
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