From a purely to the development of oxide glass halide glass cutting machine

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-30
From a purely to the development of inorganic compound glass composite glass. Composition of pure Na2O - 曹- SiO2 system development to the most elements in the periodic table of elements in the form of special glass. For this kind of glass cutting machine, 2) Shape changes from the traditional slab, block to film and fiber, that is, from a development to the 2 d and 3 d dimension. In addition, there are hollow and solid and all kinds of glass microspheres particle size range. ( 3) The change in the glassy state introduced the first differential phase Vycor glass ( High borosilicate heat-resistant corrosion-resistant glass) Opacified glass, glass cutting machine, which in turn. In order to reduce the surface of the glass reflection, research in recent years, the so-called success air film glass. ( 4) Glass functional changes in the glass has from pure pervious to light materials and packing materials to develop into a light, electricity, magnetic and acoustic features of materials. Due to the biological research success, glass has been developed from an inanimate material repair or replacement of materials become organisms. ( 5) Glass preparation technology changes the traditional method of preparation of glass: crucible kiln and pool kiln process of high temperature melting method, high temperature, special glass melting method: electric heating, high frequency induction heating, multi-layer crucible melting, high pressure vacuum smelting, melting, plasma arc melting cooker and a variety of means such as laser melting. Preparation methods are: gas phase synthesis, vacuum evaporation, sputtering, CVD and MOCVD vapor deposition, synthesis, high energy ray irradiation and solution - at low temperature Gel method and so on the many kinds of preparation.
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