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by:Eworld Machine     2020-07-29
Glass on the table is also must pay attention to the operation, gloves should be worn when handling glass or cloth, paper pad, glass will be separated by hand and body exposed part. 1, bulk glass transportation special fixture must be used ( Frame) Stacking, glass should be upright pile up, and may not be level. 2, installation of glass tools should be used in the tool bag, increases with the increasing Ann. It is forbidden to iron nails will contain in the mouth. 3, independent suspended high work must fasten your seat belt, no live glass under her arm, hand ladder to climb up and down. 4, glass manipulator installed on high glass, glass should be placed flat, vertical below no thoroughfare. Lighting glass roof installation, should be laid scaffolding or other security measures. 5, installing a casement glass, shall not be in the vertical direction of upper and lower two layers of homework at the same time, so as not to fall from breaking glass. Eworld is engaged in the automatic glass cutting equipment design, manufacture, sales and after-sales service of technology-oriented enterprises. Company production of glass table, glass cutting machine, gas float glass to break off the table, and automation equipment automatic glass slice machine, automatic glass cutting machine, etc. Glass processing machinery. Eworld with innovative design concept is to drive the development direction of glass cutting industry, with excellent product quality and considerate after-sales service to win customers trust, hope and customers to establish a trust each other, support each other relations of cooperation, hand in hand to create a better future together! Choose Eworld, choose the future.
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